The Universal law of attraction states that each positive or negative occasion that happened with you was attracted by you. Let’s say that a family member or companion lent you cash when you didn’t have any. You attracted that event, even without you being aware of utilising the universal law of attraction. We are utilising the universal law of attraction each second of each day. You’ve even pulled in reading this guide!



In short there are three fundamental steps: request, believe, and receive. In this Guide, we will separate those three steps into activities that you can practice in order to attract more wealth and prosperity in your life!

Step 1: Reprogram your thoughts
In order to fully comprehend and use The Universal Law to its full potential, we must first reprogram our subconsciousness.

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1. Visit:
2. Type in what you want to achieve but in the form of a feeling or transformation for example “I am feeling( or becoming) extremely optimistic now”. This phrase has to be specific to yourself, use words that you would normally use.
3. Play it repeat while you sleep.

Step 2: Write down your Financial Goals

You need to know exactly what you want and be as clear as possible. If you are unclear and half-hearted in your dedication, The Universal Law will have no choice but to mirror your weak desires. Write down your Financial Goals on a card that you can keep close. If you cannot imagine your life with 1 million dollars don’t write it down, only write down an amount that you feel comfortable with. Once you’ve written down your goal, look at it every so often and remind yourself of the Wealth around you. We live in a world where millionaires are made every day. If someone else can achieve it so can you.

Step 3: Achieve a consciousness understanding of Wealth
Visit luxurious places where you can observe Wealth. Get a taste of the luxurious lifestyle you want to achieve. If you want to own sports cars for example, visit showrooms or dealerships that allow you to sit in them, feel them or maybe even test drive them. Walk around in rich neighbourhoods, look around, compliment what you see and what you like, imagine yourself living in this neighbourhood. The goal of this exercise is becoming familiar with Wealth, getting a better understanding of the Wealth. One of the reasons most people don’t achieve Wealth is because they aren’t surrounded by it, they grew up in an environment that does not promote a Wealthy living so in turn they don’t fully understand Wealth. The more you understand and live Wealth, the more real and possible it becomes to you.

Step 4: Avoid places where there is a constant energy of lack and limitation

Negativity invades our thoughts on a subconscious level, if you’re not strong on a spiritual level it will hinder your growth and influence you in the wrong way. If your friends and family constantly talk about lack and/or limitation, try to change the subject or even go away. The system we now live in is designed to break dreams and goals before they are made. Understanding and respecting that is crucial.

Step 5: When you’re working on Wealth and Prosperity, KEEP IT A SECRET
When you are experiencing something and you decide to share this with someone you are actually that releasing energy into the environment. For example when you’re sad and you talk about it with someone it often makes you feel better, this is because energy was released during the conversation. By keeping your goals a secret you are actually strengthening your results by holding on to the energy that drives you towards your goals.

Step 6: Have no demands
When dealing with The Universal Law, it’s important to understand that money comes in from different sources and channels. Because The Universal Law delivers trough different channels you must learn to be open and willing to receive from any one of these channels, it can be a loan, a form of income, a lottery or even money on the streets. See every penny for it’s true value and appreciate every form of money you receive. 

“He who doesn’t know the value of a penny doesn’t deserve a million”

Step 7: Affirm your Wealth every day
The best time to do this is in the morning because when you first wake up your mind is working at 12 wave cycles per second. This is the time when your subconscious mind is most impressionable. The words you first hear in the morning have the power to set the stage for your whole day. Your affirmations must be as positive and goal driven as possible, for example:

“I am a rich and prosperous child of the universe. I am financially prospered in all that i do. Money comes to me easy and effortlessly and i give thanks for my good”

Step 8: Affirming your Actions

Actions are also affirmations. Having money is not only an affirmation of Wealth but spending it is also an even more powerful affirmation for yourself. Start thinking Quality over Quantity. Adjust your shopping habits so that they affirm your Wealth or at least your pursuit of Wealth. The clothes we wear also give off energy, instead of having a great quantity of clothes of low quality, it’s best to have a small amount of high Quality clothes that serve as a Personal Affirmation for yourself and your dreams and goals.

Step 9: Practice the Art of Receiving
In order to align yourself with infinite possibilities you must be open and receptive to Wealth that The Universe wants to offers you. By denying Wealth that comes into your life no matter how small it may seem, you are denying the flow of substance into you life. Give thanks to all forms of manifestation of The Universal Law of Attraction.

Step 10: Understand the Answers you receive from The Universal Law of Attraction
The Universal Law will respond to you in two unique ways. 

The number one way is by saying “Yes“, this happens when your energy is high enough and when you’re able to accept what you have set your heart on.

The number two way is by saying “Wait“, this happens when you are not yet ready to receive what The Universal Law has to offer you. If you persist and dedicate yourself enough you will eventually and inevitably receive answer number one.


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