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One of the most crucial steps in one’s journey to becoming a millionaire is finding a millionaire mentor to help you get your perspective right and actually teach you how to become a millionaire. If you weren’t raised around millionaires, there’s a great chance you don’t know where to start when it comes to becoming a millionaire. But how do you find a millionaire mentor? How can you possibly manage to convince a millionaire to spend his time and information on you, for your own personal accomplishments towards wealth? Why would a millionaire even want to help you achieve financial wealth? Well, if these questions resonate with you, this post will help you on your journey.


1. Your Network is your Net worth.
I am not saying to drop all of your loser friends today. You want to evaluate the 5 people you spend the most time with, take their income find out the average and you will see what your average income will be. Your environment is going to be the key to your success. It is really true if you are spending most of your time with affluent people it is bound to rub off on you. The Law of Attraction states “Like Attracts Like” If you hanging around the negative or broke people you will also become that. Keep in mind you always want to be good to your friends no matter where they are in life, see the good in them no matter what. If you want to meet a millionaire and get mentored by one it is more like you will meet one if you change your environment of people you hang out with the most.

2. The More you LEARN the more you EARN.
Being open to learning makes you more attractive to millionaires. If you are willing to be of service to others and do whatever it takes you will earn more money. I love learning and reading. Read about the past millionaires, CEO’s of high-end companies that you admire. There are no secrets to success, someone else already wrote about anything and every subject you ever want to learn or become an expert about. Millionaires admire people who humble and are willing to go the extra mile.

3.  Interview people you would like to more like.
People love to talk about themselves. No matter who you are when you put your interests in other people just for the pure intention of knowing more about them. Most people will be honored to share with you want they had gone through to get to where they are today. It is very important to find the similarities in characteristics and learn from other people’s trials to get to where you want to go.
4. Invest in yourself. Pay for Mentorship.
One way to get a Millionaire to mentor you is to pay them. Some mentors and coaches love to teach people and are in the business of helping you stay accountable or helping you discover things that you can’t see. Millionaires have coaches for everything, relationships, business, physical trainers etc… If you want to get in shape you want to find a coach who emulates the body that you want. You obviously don’t want to be coached my someone who is 400 lbs if you are trying to lean up and get down to 140 lbs. Investing in trainer will help you get your head in the game and play bigger. If you have nothing to lose then you will not work as hard. Unfortunately, it is true people are motivated towards pain than pleasure.
5. Share Your Dreams.
Share it with others and people will help you manifest what you want. If you want to be a doctor, the positive people around you will hold that energy for you and see you finishing school. I want to be a Millionaires, so everywhere I go now people say “Hey Millionaires, how are you?” It feels really good when people see you as who you want to be. Share with as many positive people you know. I say positive because there are people even family that don’t have the capability to hold that space for you. Everyone has haters even the most successful people in the world do. It is bad enough that you can be your own worse critic as well. Don’t make yourself or others wrong just keep holding on to your vision and it will manifest into your reality. If you have to write it down every day or post up pictures of your vision on your vision board. Visualizing for me is the number one thing that helps me to keep holding on to my vision of freedom and the options this journey is taking me to becoming a Millionaires. 
The 40:40 Principle: Your Road Map to Finding Life-Changing Mentors
10 Reviews
The 40:40 Principle: Your Road Map to Finding Life-Changing Mentors
  • Andy Christiansen
  • WestBowPress
  • Paperback: 142 pages


1. Do I look up to this person?
First and foremost, you should ask yourself if you admire this person for her or his achievements and industry experience. Your mentor should ideally be someone who shares your professional outlook and perhaps has even accomplished the goals you hope to achieve.

When you’ve identified someone you think might be a good mentor, avoid asking the person up front if he or she is willing to mentor you. Cooke advised starting off with an invitation to coffee or lunch and asking to pick the person’s brain about his or her experience to get a better idea of how your professional relationship would work.

It’s a process! It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. You’re going to ask a lot of people to find the right fit.

2. Am I able to work well with this person?
While you may have identified someone who meets your requirements for an ideal mentor, that person may not necessarily serve as a great partner. It’s critical to know that you can work and communicate well with the person who’s going to help guide your career.

The mentor must be supportive, communicative, inspiring and must feel that your needs are important. Know the person well before you ask him or her to become your mentor. Form a relationship first. Even if you think that the mentor you want is very knowledgeable, he or she might not necessarily be able to communicate effectively their knowledge.

If you haven’t worked with a potential mentor before, try collaborating on a single project. This will give you the opportunity to find out if you are a good match.

3. Is this person engaged in the local community?
If you don’t have a particular mentor in mind when you begin your search, a good place to start looking is your own local community. Small business owners often have a wealth of leadership knowledge and experience that they’re often happy to share with other local professionals.

Good mentors are exceptional leaders within their own community. Not only will they understand your challenges, but the culture and environment within your particular industry or community, as well.

4. Can this person guide me toward my professional goals?
It’s important to remember that a mentor does not play the same role in your professional success as a coach might. Mentorship does not mean someone telling you what moves to make; it’s about someone encouraging you to find the answers yourself. Hennessy noted that an effective mentor must be nonjudgmental, an active listener, empathetic and very compassionate, providing advice only when asked.

A good mentor will guide, not advice; inspire, not motivate; critique, not judge; and share ideas and options, but not do it for you. The mentee must be willing to open up to new ideas, act on guidance given, [and]be prepared to adapt and change.

5. Is this person happy in his or her career?
Being good at something and doing well in your chosen career doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve achieved success. If a seemingly successful person is working at a job he or she secretly hates, it will show — and that person is probably not your ideal mentor. Seek out someone who truly loves his or her work.

Look for the person who smiles and is always happy at work. There’s a reason that person is happy. She’s obviously doing something right.

The 40:40 Principle: Your Road Map to Finding Life-Changing Mentors
10 Reviews
The 40:40 Principle: Your Road Map to Finding Life-Changing Mentors
  • Andy Christiansen
  • WestBowPress
  • Paperback: 142 pages
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