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This post is a bit of a rant. But I hope you can appreciate some humor and sarcasm with a dash of hidden truth while reading. We mean no true disrespect to anyone. This is just an expression of the arguments that most people have when it comes to Illuminati conspiracies and the truths (or lies) behind them.

Conspiracy theorists would not really approve of these 6 reasons why the Illuminati is fake. However, anyone who is inclined to think critically and with a pinch of intelligence can confirm that the full-blown conspiracy theory about the “ New World Order ” and borderline supernatural beings ruling our lives without us noticing it is all a bunch of tinfoil hat folklore.

The Illuminati were a real order of real people with very real goals and aims which did not include world domination. In fact, the reason behind creating their order back in 1776 can be interpreted as a battle against what we consider them to be nowadays. Even so, if you are interested in hearing the other point of view, which you should be inclined to do if you are interested in the matter, take a look at another of our lists on why the Illuminati is real and a threat to society. Let’s take a look at what’s on the other hand.

6. Faulty Logic

Take these words for what they are but you can righteously say that conspiracy theorists ultimately fail to build a logical, explainable link between events. Whenever a big event such as an act of terrorism or the death of an important person occurs, thousands of people who sit in their basements with their HAM radios and machine guns will scream it was the Illuminati. They will say that it was done to silence people knowing the truth or tip the scales in a conflict without seeming like any of the offending parties did it. However, there is mostly absolutely no logical relations between these things and there are way too many against. Think of it as thanking Jesus for your successful surgery instead of the team of surgeons who worked on you for twenty hours.

Faulty Logic Illuminati Hoax

5. Little Touch with Reality

Once you go down the rabbit hole of convincing yourself every single event you witness is caused by a group of eye-in-a-pyramid-marked lizard people you will inevitably start seeing them in everything. You can basically rewire your brain to think that your flat tire happened because of some sci-fi like plot to prevent you from spreading the “truth” among the sheeple out there. If that can happen, what is left to unexpected, unexplained deaths, attacks, riots and so on? Think of it as an episode of paranoid schizophrenia.
Real world illuminati fake

4. Over Glorification

Once someone has decided that they will believe in something with little to no critical proof, they can get out of bounds pretty quick. Have you noticed now people have tried to explain the unexplainable to them at that time by making stories about fierce gods, mythical creatures and forces which move the air and clouds but then it turned out to be the difference in atmospheric pressure? In the same way, pathological conspiracy theorists just let their imagination run free and find their truth in whatever legend they choose to believe in. There are some conspiracies which sound very likely to be true and some which have been proven but most we know and follow nowadays are way more decorated than they should be.

Glory illuminati fake

3. Childishness

There are ways in which one can question major events and remain absolutely above all sides of the explanations and try to observe from a distance. Attacks on certain people? Maybe they were because of government agenda, maybe they were because that person has many enemies. Terrorist attacks? Maybe they were carried out to propagate Illuminati agenda but maybe they were just…hate fueled terrorist attacks. However, the people who bring us our daily dose of Illuminati fairy tales can tell you that the hail storm last night was because of them too. This, as well as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, epidemics and basically anything. Maybe someone watched a little too much cable TV in the late hours as a child?

Childish illuminati

2. Ignorance

Have you heard people who work in politics, major global banking and insurance, the arms industry and much more scream about an order of old, frail men with weird powers trying to make the world beat itself into submission? Probably not. Maybe because it’s very easy to believe all this with your blanket on your head and a glass of soda in your hand while you have minor freakouts about how people are ruling your life at the deepest and you don’t even know it. Or maybe because the basement doesn’t exactly extend one’s viewpoint past their parking alley. Nevertheless, ignorance is an integral part of a conspiracy theorist’s arsenal.

Ignorance illuminati is fake

1. Being Right About the Wrong Things

Yes, there probably is a group of people who have immense control over precious resources or political groups who use it to propagate their own ideas and force the flow of events in their preferred direction. In fact, there surely is a group of such people. That is because this is the only way the world has worked ever since people decided to trade with rocks. Whoever has the most rocks, cows, leather or stone arrow tips can call the shots and the rest must follow. However, blaming it all on a bunch of borderline supernatural frail old men in ancient monolithic halls is equal to radical religion. This concludes our list of the 6 reasons why the Illuminati is fake. Maybe I wrote it by an order of the Illuminati. Maybe I didn’t.

Grow up Illuminati

Find Out More: The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

Secret societies have both fascinated and frightened people for hundreds of years. Often the infamous Illuminati is mentioned as the core of conspiracies which span the globe. The Illuminati is actually a historical secret society which had goals of revolutions and world domination dating back to the 1770s.

Since then, rumors and conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati continue to spread, sometimes finding their way into popular novels like Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and Hollywood movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. More recently, music videos, award shows, and sporting events are said to be somehow connected. Some men have even come forward claiming to be former members, offering details of what they allege are the inner workings of the organization.

When you sift through all of the information available on the subject, you may be surprised that the truth is stranger than fiction. In The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, conspiracy and occult expert Mark Dice separates history from Hollywood and shows why tales of the secret society won’t die.

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction
324 Reviews
The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction
  • Mark Dice
  • The Resistance
  • Edition no. First Edition (04/13/2009)
  • Paperback: 426 pages
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