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The Secret Society Mastermind is Freedom Studios core online training program that takes individual aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world, from all different professional and personal backgrounds and shows them exactly how to build and launch a successful online business, even if you have no idea on what to do or any technicals skills to be able to create it.
Of course, most of what you read or hear elsewhere about ‘secret societies’ and insider information is pure rubbish, and we aren’t talking about some sort of formal underground society with its own password, handshake or weird rituals.What we’re talking about is a fairly sizeable community that we’ve developed who make their large incomes and create their own personal freedom for them and their families – in a vastly different way to everything you’ve ever learned on the subject of business and entrepreneurship.They do it much easier, with a lot more fun and with the freedom to do what they choose with their time.
Now the 12 week challenge can be a bit pricey for some people and it’s only available once a year.
With that in mind: Tim decided to make a 30 day challenge course!
And you can get it for free from Illulife by helping us promote our website!
Free Access Freedom Mastermind


I’ve been known in the group and for the people following the blog because of my story, and there’s always people adding me on Facebook just to ask me questions about the program. So, 3 years after joining I got some knowledge in what’s the most common doubts that people have about this.

1.- Is it really worth it?

Hell Yes! The program is really expensive, and the reason why Tim chooses to give this program so expensive and in so short notice is to avoid the people who don’t take action. He only wants the best of the best in there, and the people who make the decisions. There’s another reason as well, people value knowledge according to price, and we as humans are stupid that way. After 3 years, I have giving amazing content to hundreds of people and they barely take any action. Hell, I’ve seen people paying between $2K and $10K for some programs and never taking action with them! But at least the percentage of people taking massive action after paying a huge amount of money is bigger. That will put some psychological pressure on your mind to do what you need to do.

2.- Is it a scam?

No is not, in fact, after you pay you will have a period of 6 weeks money back guarantee and I have seen people asking for it and receive it on the same day. The name is just good marketing as Ramit’s book “I will Teach you to be Rich” or Tim Ferriss’s “The 4 Hour Work Week”, sure, they sound like scam, but it’s only to grab the attention of the people, but if you have been into entrepreneurship for a while you know that Ramit Sethi delivers amazing knowledge and Tim Ferriss is one damn genius.

I get it, paying $3K on the internet to some guy you have never met to teach you how to do a “Freedom Business” that will allow you to make money on the internet sounds like a scam, and even though I knew Tim since the days of Real Social Dynamics and I knew that he was the real deal, I spent the last 3 days before the opening not being able to sleep because of the fear and excitement about joining. You probably are reading this from a first world country, imagine me, in a third world country, with a salary of $600 per month, about to pay half a year of work with debt money. Not the best scenario.

It was the scariest decision in my whole life, but it was the best.

3.- Is it a Multi-Level Marketing product (Pyramid Scheme)

Hell no, I hate MLM. Imagine this scenario. You want to play the piano, you know nothing about playing the piano. So you hire a mentor to teach you, the guy teaches you the basics and everything you need to know so you learn to play, imagine that you learn and you get amazing success with it and that you’re giving live performances for big audiences. Do you have to pay your mentor for every show that you give? No, you already paid the instructor. What type of music will you be playing? It’s up to you. So the same way happens with SSM.

You’re paying to have a very detailed guidance on building your own business. Every year, 200+ members all over the world join SSM and every week you’ll have a video showing you the steps to do that week, and at the same time, you’ll have the feedback of those 200+ people all around the world doing the same step as you do. So the knowledge you get by looking what’s working and what’s not working with all the other guys is amazing.

What type of business will you be building? The most common because it’s easy to start with those are a website or video businesses. However, those are the hardest to scale. There are many types of businesses in SSM, from Vehicle Wraps to iPhone cases for cyclists, to apps development and e-commerce. It depends on what you found that would work for you in the validation step, which you will be seeing in the first weeks.

That’s right, first, you decide which type of people you want your clients to be, then you will be contacting them, finding what they need and validating your idea before you start creating something. Why? Because we don’t want you spending 3 months building a business that won’t sell shit. So what you do will be 100% up to you.

You pay, you get the knowledge, you get access to the community and make amazing friends that will push you towards your dream, and you don’t have to pay anything else ever again, just push yourself to grow your business. And to be honest, the knowledge you’ll be getting from the people inside that you meet for the rest of your life and those friendships are worth much more than that.

4.- Have businesses failed in SSM?

Yes, there have been many ideas that failed but when that happened, people just build another idea that works and that’s it. I created 4 ideas before Epic Web Studio and the 4 of them failed, never gave a single dollar. And even in Epic Web Studio there have been problems. A while ago I wrote a post about being broke when 6 clients disappeared on me and didn’t pay. And 2 weeks later I got a new client and everything was good.

The truth is that entrepreneurship is hard, and your success or failure depends a lot on what you do or don’t do. For example, many people have skipped the validation part in SSM, when everybody told them not to do so. Why? Because they were scared to talk to the ideal customers to find out what they needed, they just created a business without validating it just to find that nobody wanted to buy, or even worse, not knowing who their ideal client was. I’ll let Noah Kagan explain why this is so bad:

I have also seen people paying and never doing anything with the content. But I also have seen people in India, Vietnam, Mexico, and very hard places to start a business have an amazing success. So it’s up to you.

How SSM Got Started?

For those who have been following me for a while you know the story, for those who don’t it goes a little bit like this:

I live in El Salvador, the smallest and most violent country in the world. The Daily Mail in UK called us “The Murder Capital”, so as you can imagine opportunities and jobs here are not the best. $700 a month is considered a “damn awesome salary” by a huge majority, and low living standards are the norm for almost everyone.

on top of that, I was raised in a very dysfunctional family with a father who had decided to make my life miserable just to teach me that “life is hard” for the last 15 years of my life. Thanks to that I grew a huge drive when it came to the professional life in order to get away from my family as soon as possible and live a good life. Thanks to that in just 5 years I was able to reach the top of my career in IT working for the best IT Company in the country, a place where I was able to see the best jobs that the country had to offer and I was not impressed.

5 Years of hustle just to have a bitter taste in my mouth thinking: “Is this it?” And then changing jobs to an easier position in one of the 2 biggest newspapers companies in my country. Now this last job was not a “day job of doom”, it was pretty relaxed, I earned $600 per month (again, for many people here that are “a lot”) but I still had this big life that I wanted to live but combined with the knowledge that this life was not possible with the jobs here made me sad.

I remember in the first days of working in the newspaper I went for a little bit of water and saw there in a board an anniversary sheet, with the names of the people that had been working there for 20, 25, 35 years in positions that were obvious that hadn’t changed probably in all their life working there. I felt Goosebumps, how the fuck people can live like that? I couldn’t imagine myself doing that, and I returned to my cubicle thinking that there was something wrong with me, after all, everybody else seemed so happy.

After some months in that job, I started to think that I was the “damaged one” and “settled in”, and started to fell into depression, which grew more and more and that lasted 3 months until I saw one little video.


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