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In-Depth Review of Bitsler

BitSler brings fresh online gambling with its in-house casino games that are unlike most of the game content featured in the majority of Bitcoin casinos today.

Established in 2015, BitSler is a proprietary-powered gambling website that focuses its efforts on delivering the most unique Bitcoin casino games. It caters to all kinds of bettors from all regions except for players in the US and its territories.

Bitcoin Games

This Bitcoin casino offers three games as of writing.

Its Bitcoin dice game offers the same dice interface, making it easy to navigate. Although it bears a significant similarity with the common dice game, the BitSler version showcases more exclusive vibes because of its entire interface, which is absolutely pleasing and relaxing to the senses.

The other two exclusive Bitcoin games—Black Ace and the Multicolor—are designed to showcase uniqueness and a fresh flavor to players. With the addition of these two exclusive games, bettors are now stripped off the possibility of getting bored with this Bitcoin casino.

 Software Features And Graphics

One great highlight about this website is its overall website design. Considering that this website is powered by a proprietary provider, BitSler as a whole still can go on par with some of the most renowned and established platforms in terms of aesthetics. Its design is clean, sleek, and most certainly relaxing. The fact that this casino developed its own set of games is a plus.


Being a Bitcoin gambling website, anonymity is certainly practiced here. In fact, you do not have to register for an account. Once you enter the website, BitSler will prompt you to provide a unique username that will serve as your identity in the website. Account customization happens once you are now officially entered in the BitSler system. You have the options to set a password for your account and activate two-factor authentication.

 Withdrawals And Deposit

Just like account acquisition, fund management happens in an instant. But first, you need to setup an account password before doing any Bitcoin transaction. This is because despite the absence of the registration process BitSler still upholds the utmost security of its players.

For deposits, all you have to do is either send your Bitcoin to the address displayed on the deposit page or scan the QR code to complete the transaction. For withdrawals, you just have to enter your BTC address and the amount you wish to cash out. Take note that BitSler charges a withdrawal fee worth 1 mBTC.

 Bonuses And Promotions

Players may receive up to 0.15 BTC when they fund their account. The 150% Deposit Bonus is responsible for this bonus.

 Mobile Games

Another noteworthy feature BitSler has is its mobile-optimized platform. Should you wish to use any of your handheld devices to play in this casino, all you have to do is enter the BitSler website address on your web browser to access the platform. There is no need for a mobile app.


BitSler offers email support for those in need of assistance with its services. You can also keep yourself updated through the various social media sites it has. The chat box also serves as the quickest way to seek assistance since it also functions as live support for the website.

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