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Many of us spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy — not to mention money — taking care of our bodies, and trying to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best. But when it comes to the mind, less attention (literally) is paid. Taking care of the mind can come as an afterthought, and often we think of the mind as something outside of our own control.

“Our life is the creation of our mind,” according to Buddhist scripture. Buddhist philosophy developed an entire science of training the unruly mind to help anyone overcome its constant fluctuations to achieve stillness, and eventually, enlightenment.

But even if it’s not enlightenment you’re after, developing a good relationship with your mind is critical to building a life that is successful on your own terms.


12 simple ways to transform your mind for success.

Our mind has a memory. We subconsciously recognize patterns. These patterns define us, once they become a habit; it’s hard to stop. We need even more strength to break those habits.


1. Start by telling yourself what you want in life, over and over until you get it.

life wants quote

2. Start by committing to actions and plans today.


3. Start with seeing fear as a signpost for being in a totally unknown place.

fear quote master your mind

4. Start reading, every day.

book reading quote

5. Start by surrounding yourself with people who support,
love and want to create a fulfilling life.

friends quote mastering your mind

6. Start by doing things that only stay true to your values.

be true to yourself

7. Start by sharing with others.

sharing with others

8. Start by treating your body right.

respect your body

9. Start by smiling at others.

smile quote mastering your mind

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10. Start by writing a plan of action.

planning quote master your mind

11. Start by listening to yourself.

listen to yourself quote

12. Start by cutting out the excess in life.

cut off quote

Success and fulfillment are not defined by extraordinary abilities or superior intelligence. They are the result of habits and patience. Simplicity is the key.

Start with your thoughts. Stay simple.

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