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Have you wondered what goes on in the heads of entrepreneurs? What makes them tick? Why do most entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs? Is there a common thread found in each and every entrepreneur? There’s a new age of entrepreneurs in 2016. Many are losing faith and interest in the current system of 9 to 5 jobs, educational systems and more. The New Age Entrepreneurs is a collection of vignettes of men who made their own rules and set standards for the rest of the industry to follow.


entrepreneur dna quote

There are many definitions of entrepreneurship that can be found in literatures that describes a business process. One of the earliest definitions of entrepreneurship that dates back from the eighteenth century, was an economic term that deemed the description in processing the risk in purchasing and selling products at certain prices. The later term has broadened enough to include the concept in bringing together the factors of productions. This new definition has led other entrepreneurs to question whether there was really any unique entrepreneurial function or whether it was just a form of management. The most latest definitions of new age entrepreneurship describes an entrepreneur being the founder of a business and the creation of a new enterprise.

The psychology of Entrepreneurs

There has been a considerable effort in trying to understand the psychological and sociological underpinnings that entrepreneurship has. Common characteristics have been noted among entrepreneurs and most have a need for achievement, perceived locus of control, risk taking and intuitive logical reasoning. These people has also commented in the common yet not universal thread of childhood deprivation, minority memberships and early adolescent economic experiences.

At the first glance, we may have the start in defining new age entrepreneurship. There is a detailed study however of both the literature and actual examples of entrepreneurship that tends to make it more difficult, if not impossible to describe. An example is that a degree of entrepreneurship is synonymous with bearing risk, innovation or even the creation of an enterprise. Some aspect of entrepreneurs can be described by the terms listed above. Risk bearing is an important element of having an entrepreneurial persona and many entrepreneurs succeeded in avoiding risk by seeking other people to bear the risks for them.

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The idea of being creative is not a total prerequisite at all in new age entrepreneurship. There have been many successful entrepreneurs that are good in copying others and somehow are able to improve on their ideas. These people will be remembered in innovating one part of an idea that was essential towards the success of a product or service.

The business cycle is commonly described among successful businesses. The entire cycle itself raised the issue of what to focus on when a person is attempting to select a business idea or take part in a program. Those involved in selection activities such as selecting entrepreneurial qualities over managerial skills are the ones in real danger. This may lead towards uneven growth in a business, having poor management and an entire failure of a campaign as the enteprise no longer responds adequately to the changing conditions in their market.

There are still many questions about the social and mental traits that are needed in entrepreneurs. Questions such as “how is it that a successful and failing entrepreneur can share the same characteristics?” Further studies also show a decline in entrepreneurship following a successful venture in their target market. This has tended to disprove the totality of character or personality traits as a sufficient enough basis in defining new age entrepreneurship.

The Founder Institute, a startup training and launch program, has developed a test to identify entrepreneurial personality traits. Take the abbreviated quiz below for a quick evaluation of your entrepreneurial prowess.


Each puzzle has three rows and three columns of designs.
One pattern at left is missing and has been replaced by a question mark. Choose the missing pattern from the eight on the right

dna test entrepreneur


For each pair of personality statements below, select the one that describes you the best. You:
a. Have a good word for everyone
b. Carry the conversation to a higher level
a. Have a vivid imagination
b. Pay attention to details
a. Get excited by new ideas
b. Are not easily bothered by things
a. Believe that others have good intentions
b. Have a rich vocabulary
a. Make friends easily
b. Can say things beautifully


For each of the following correct answers, give yourself one point.

Dna test answers

 10-12 POINTS: You have very strong entrepreneurial DNA. You have the curiosity and originality necessary to challenge accepted norms, and you can quickly solve complex problems in a constantly changing playing field.
6-9 POINTS: You have moderate entrepreneurial DNA. You have curiosity and the ability to be original, and you are a good problem solver. However, some of your interests and abilities lie outside the entrepreneurial realm.

3-5 POINTS: You have some entrepreneurial traits, but many of your talents appear to lie outside the entrepreneurial realm. You might be interested in caring for others, or on paying careful attention and working hard at the job you already have.

1-2 POINTS: Like more than 95 percent of people, your interests and abilities appear to lie outside the entrepreneurial realm.

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